Matthew Berlow Criminal Lawyer have years of experience in court marshals in both Scotland and England

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Courts-Martial apply to serving members of H.M. Forces and in certain circumstances when abroad to members of their families. This applies English law even when the offences occur in Scotland. The Army now administers a legal aid tri service scheme which are generally available to all personnel facing trial. While I have conducted over 50 Courts-Martial myself at present military cases are tried only at locations outside Scotland which include Aldershot, Aldergrove,Catterick, Colchester or Bulford. The system has recently undegone a radical reform. These changes cover legal aid, the prosecuting authority and investigations. Sadly the government seem to wish to continue to prosecute service personnel in Engalnd for offences committed in Scotland.

The service legal aid scheme also covers advice at police interview by the forces police. It is automatically available. I strongly recommend that service personnel use this assistance. It is there for your benefit. All too often service personnel go to interview without legal advice and say things that ensure they are Court Martialed. Given the shortage of local solicitors undertaking this work arrangements for a solicitor to attend should be made as early as possible. I have been undertaking PACE advice for service personnel since 1992 and am happy to continue to do this in the local area up to and including RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Kinloss.

We are taking new cases at present , however please contact us to discuss funding options as a great deal has changed recently.