We have accumulated vast experience in dealing with such cases at all court levels throughout Scotland.

We have dealt with many cases of murder in the High Court as well as culpable homicide cases. Assisted by leading Queens Counsel, Matthew Berlow has dealt with many high profile cases of murder.

We can also provide representation for all crimes involving assault from serious assault cases to minor assault throughout Scotland.

Do you need a lawyer to defend you from charges of

  • Murder
  • Culpable homicide
  • Attempted murder
  • Assault to severe injury
  • Common assault


In Scots law, murder occurs when a person takes the life of another either deliberately (with intent) or in circumstances where the accused person exhibits reckless disregard for the life of their victim. The law relating to murder, and defences to the charge is complex and requires detailed scrutiny of the evidence and facts as such, it is crucial to instruct a solicitor who specialises in defending those charged with murder. We have extensive experience in defending clients charged with murder – contact us now for advice.


An assault is a physical attack on someone which causes harm or which is intended to cause harm or which puts the victim in a state of fear for their bodily safety

Self Defence / “Provocation” defence in an Assault case

There are recognised defences to a charge of assault namely self defence and provocation. Self defence is an absolute defence to the charge however provocation mitigates sentence only. Self defence is available as a defence only in certain strict circumstances. The actions used must be absolutely necessary and proportionate and there must have been little or no option but to act for example if there was no opportunity to escape the situation.

We can offer you expert advice regarding your assault case. The consequences of a conviction for assault can be very serious and it is important to take expert advice from the outset.