Sexual offences lawyers Scotland

This is a complex and sensitive area of criminal defence and charges may include Rape, Sexual assault, Historic Sexual offences, Indecent images, Grooming, Abuse of trust, Internet chat room offences among others.

When somebody is accused of a sexual offence the impact on that person is wide reaching and long lasting. The consequences of a sexual allegation go much deeper than just the worry of criminal proceedings. A persons whole reputation and the stigma of being labelled a sex offender make these type of cases particularly difficult

There are many issues surrounding sexual offences which make them unique. Often there complex evidential issues and issues relating to consent – often, it is a matter of the victim’s word against the accused’s.

These are among the most difficult cases to defend and require the help of an experienced specialist criminal defence lawyer. Often, the difference between acquittal and conviction is a skilled testing of the prosecution’s evidence. The skills required are different to general criminal defence work and the psychological approach must be more sophisticated.

We are here to offer advice and assistance with such cases. We of course take a non judgemental attitude and believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. If you or anyone close to you has been accused of a sexual offence then we are happy to advise over the phone in the strictest of confidence and with no obligation.