Scots Criminal Law is different!

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Do I need a Scots lawyer?

Scots criminal law is different. We are based in Glasgow and have satellite offices in Ayr, Kilmarnock and Auchinleck.

There are some circumstances where we can assist:

  1. You are English (*) and you got into trouble whilst in Scotland. A few months later you receive a court summons (previously known as a “Citation”) at your English address to appear in a Scottish Court
  2. You are English (*) and have been implicated in a Scottish case, e.g. a fraud case where the case has a cross-jurisdictional element and is to be heard in a Scottish court.
  3. You are a Scot who now lives in England has a court case to attend in Scotland, or the police are wanting to interview them about a crime they committed whilst they lived in Scotland years before.

The offence was committed in England

You probably need an English(*) Solicitor except for (b) above.

Military Law for Scottish Soldiers interviewed in England

We are PACE certified which means we can attend interviews in England.