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Legal Aid

Hiring a lawyer in Scotland won’t cost as much as you think. People often worry that taking on legal counsel will leave them with a huge bill but most good solicitors will work to fixed fees (at very reasonable rates), or offer instalment payment plans. A whole case can actually be tied up for under £1,000 and payment may not even be required at all thanks to Government legal aid.

Legal aid lawyer in Glasgow

Legal aid comes from a Government fund set aside to help people that would otherwise struggle with hiring a lawyer. It’s easy to apply and we make the whole process extra-simple for our clients by completing, processing and tracking any applications for help they may be entitled to. This is an integral part of our service; that’s why we think we’re the best legal aid lawyer around.

Before you make an application the friendly team at Matthew Berlow will help you understand the support available to you. Here we’re looking to see whether the case you want to bring, or defend yourself against, is about Scottish law. And whether you’re eligible for the Scottish Legal Aid Board to cover your legal costs.

The paperwork to apply is no more than a couple of pages in length and is filled out by our team. The only thing you need to do is bring in your most recent bank statement, a payslip if you’re working, or a benefit notification letter if you are not. You also need to tell us basic information like your date of birth, national insurance number and details of any capital or savings you have. This is the full extent of the application in 90% of cases and everything is covered.

How to apply for legal aid

However, there are some cases where it takes a little longer to process your request for support. This is usually where people have complicated financial arrangements and money regularly moves between multiple bank accounts or comes into your accounts from a number of sources. Then the Board may want to know more about individual transactions. This is quite rare and does not mean you won’t qualify for legal aid – it just means it may take a little longer to arrange.

You should also know that people with a small amount of savings can still qualify for help. And you are not penalised if you recently had a sum of money that could have been used for legal costs but had to be spent on something else. The decision is all about how much money you have available to you at the moment you apply.

Legal aid for a defence lawyer

We make it easy to get a great defence lawyer on your side, wherever you are in Glasgow, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Coatbridge, Airdrie, Hamilton and Motherwell. And remember, we won’t start work until your legal aid application has been processed so there’s no risk of you being left with a large bill for work already done. We’re ready to take your call and happy to help – what are you waiting for?

SLAB Application service

Many people worry about fees and costs when it comes to funding criminal defence. We will help you to apply for legal aid if it is considered appropriate in your case. This will involve vouching to The Scottish Legal Aid Board and usually, they will wish to see copy bank statements and evidence of any savings you have any evidence of your wage slips. We can help with all of this and therefore put your mind at ease regarding costs.

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An official online calculator is available at the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB). There have been significant cutbacks in recent years, so please contact us before submitting anything to them.

Scottish Legal Aid Calculator